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Muala Green Energy

We empower remote communities through sustainable projects.

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Our Programs

MGE is currently working through its first major program - UHPP.

Uciwai Hybrid Power Program (UHPP)

This program involves the introduction of renewable energy as the key economic driver to four villages on Moala Island; Cakova, Keteira, Nasoki and Vunuku. 

MGE is the Project Management Facilitator and acts as a link between the community and key stakeholders in the UHPP. Each village is a separate project within the UHPP.

Nasoki Hybrid Solar Project (NHSP)

The NHSP is the first major project undertaken by MGE in the UHPP. The renewable energy system to be installed consists of a 16kW of Solar Photovoltaic, SMA inverters and battery storage. This project is in-progress with system commissioning on New Year's day 1/1/2014.

Vunuku Hybrid Solar Project (VHSP)

Discussions are being held with the Vunuku elders and villagers for the electricity requirements at Vunuku. The current design is for a 12kW off-grid system.

Cakova Hybrid Solar Project (CHSP)

Cakova is the largest of the four villages. The current system design is for a 20kW off-grid system at Cakova.

Keteira Hybrid Solar Project (KHSP)

Keteira is simlar in size to Vunuku village. Discussions were held with the Keteira elders in September 2013. The current system design is for a 12kW off-grid system.

The three projects above will come online on the first half of 2014.

UHPP is expected to be completed by December 2015.