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Muala Green Energy

We empower remote communities through sustainable projects.

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MGE is a Program Management Facilitator*. We work very closely with communities through community engagement activities, community social learning workshops and dialogue; and link communities with key stakeholders. Our customer focussed engagement is aimed at empowering communities. 

Workshops performed in Moala in 2012 and 2013 identified the key barriers below:

  • High electricity poverty
  • High cost of fuel
  • Lack of consistent and sustainable sources of income
  • Lack of infrastructure that limit economic and social development
  • Low access to new technology
  • Isolation and lack of reliable transportation, and
  • Inefficient and non-productive use of resources

Various solutions were identified by the communities during the workshops which includes the following:

  • Installation of sustainable and renewable sources of electricity such as solar photovoltaic, wind and wave technology by December 2015
  • Sustainable use of natural resource to reduce the risk of overuse
  • Implementation of a yaqona farm for the renewable electricity program
  • Explore avenues to access renewable energy funding
  • A target of 1000 yaqona plants by each farmer annually
  • Diversification into cash-crops to sustain living expenses
  • Creation of entrepreneurial activities
  • Access to reliable transportation

The outcome is the "commitments to action" in programs by workshop participants for the achievement of the overall goal of increasing community well-being and individual lives. 

If you know of a community that is keen on taking the journey to increase well-being, let us know by contacting MGE.