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Muala Green Energy

We empower remote communities through sustainable projects.

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We empower villagers at Nasoki, Fiji through planting for an off-grid solar hybrid system 

MGE has a simple vision: we empower remote communities through sustainable projects.

The first project is the renewable energy electrification at Nasoki village.

Nasoki is a village of 50 families whose main source of income is from farming and fishing.

This village is the only one in Moala that does not have electricity. The other seven villages all have diesel generators and their own reticulated system.

MGE worked with the Nasoki villagers in identifying their "future-view", identifying the barriers and finding local solutions to overcome the barriers.

The outcome of this exercise was the planting of yaqona (kava) by the villagers and project management facilitation by MGE. This project was commissioned on 25 September 2014.

Surplus energy from the off-grid solar system will generate economic activities and employment for Nasoki villagers.

The NHPP schematic diagram is attached below:

On the right are some of the pictures of the solar materials that is being assembled for the Nasoki project.

Pictures of the installed SHS can be seen on the page titled, Nasoki SHS pictures 2014.