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Muala Green Energy

We empower remote communities through sustainable projects.

Naisisili Solar Hybrid Project

Through the invitation of the elders and landowners of Naisisili village, MGE made a visit to the serene and beautiful island of Nacula to make a presentation to the people of Mataqali Natiacobe on 15/01/2014.

The population of Naisisili village is around 800 people but may increase to over 1000 when tourists are in the nearby lodges.

MGE will be working as the Project Management Facilitator for the renewable electrification at Naisisili. Various innovative ways to reduce the heavy reliance on diesel generators were discussed in the meeting and programs for electricity demand management (and/or awareness), together with workshops on sustainability will be designed and implemented in 2014.

MGE would like to thank the Turaga ni Mataqali Natiacobe, Ratu Apenisa Sivo Vunikoro, the Turaga ni Koro, Inoke Ratukula and Epineri Ratulevu (Susu) for their invitation.

Below are some of the pictures taken while at Naisisili, Nacula, Yasawa.

Naisisili village

Sunrise at Naisisili village is paradise with clear blue sky through most of the year which means that the yields from solar will be very high.

Naisisili elders

The elders discussing solar electricity in the community hall.

The diesel genset

This Geutz FL914 generator provides electricity to the villages at a very high cost of more than $1.20/kWh.