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Muala Green Energy

We empower remote communities through sustainable projects.


Events - Coastal trade 2014 

After the first coastal trade in December 2013, MGE is now planning for another trip to Moala. This time, to service the communities at Moala-lailai, i.e. Cakova, Nasoki, Vunuku and Keteira.

The next trip is planned for the first week-end in February. 

The first trip was a win-win situation, especially for the villagers who sold their produce and gained access to goods from Suva before Christmas.

For MGE, there were lessons learnt in terms of the logistics, retail and storage of produce. The engagement with the villagers and establishment of a market was most valuable.

On the right are some pictures from this trip.

If you are interested in the February trip to Moala, please contact Taitusi (Tys) Bomani on +679 7189968.